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Girl, 16, dies taking part in TikTok's viral 'scarf game' challenge

Christy Sibali Dominique Gloire Gassaille, who grew up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, died May 27.

I switched airplane seats — plus-sized travelers called me 'fatphobic'

"My assigned seat was a middle seat, and both people next to me were plus sized," a Reddit poster claimed, adding that her seatmates' thighs and shoulders were "on top"...

How to spy on your exes’ Instagram Stories without them knowing: ‘Addicted’

"Basically you view it as a ghost, they'll never know you watched it. They won't be able to trace you."

I dropped out of college — and made $3M in 6 months

"The intentional actions, the positive mindset, and actually living in what you say you're going to do — that's how we made $3 million," Inayah McMillan explained.

Second social media star dies after binge-drinking on camera

He's the second influencer to pass away from online drinking challenge in under one month.

TikTok pranks have gone from dumb to criminally unfunny

The mind-numbingly stupid acts keep getting worse and worse -- and spreading farther and farther.

‘Hot Girl Summer’ trend iced out by ‘Women’s Winter’: ‘Everyone is suffering here’

As temperatures heat up, women of the workforce are hoarding forgettable knitwear and throwaway throws in a desperate bid to stave off overzealous office air conditioning.

‘Tattoos’ for tots sparks uproar: ‘What the f- -k is wrong with you’

The trend has also been a boon for tattoo artists needing to needle up some business.

Flight delayed as 'intoxicated' passenger offends 'everybody!'

The unidentified woman was caught on camera berating other travelers prior to takeoff from an airport in California.

Real child murder victims recreated by AI in disturbing true-crime deepfake trend

The clips show young children, sometimes bruised, narrating their own chilling circumstances with computer-generated voices.

I'm a surgeon — the best way to tie your shoes is like blood vessels

The shoelace-tying technique has TikTok users tied up in knots.

Students prank sleeping principal at home: ‘You are in the most trouble’

The high school administrator did not expect to be hosting a senior sleepover.

I tried to poach an egg in the microwave — it scorched my face

This kitchen "hack" is not as egg-cellent as you might think.

I was humiliated ordering at a sushi restaurant: 'No, too much food!'

These fish tales aren't letting either party off the hook: Cassandra Mauro says she was degraded — the eatery's owners say they're the victims of "racially motivated harassment."

Here's how you can watch 'Manhattanhenge' tonight in NYC

New York native and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson advises onlookers grab a spot as far east as possible that still has views of New Jersey across the Hudson River.

Viral disappearing optical illusion will blow your mind: Can you see green?

The internet is blowing a collective gasket over a triple-tiered eye test in which objects seem to disappear and appear right before the viewer's eyes.

I can turn into your favorite celebrity by shape-shifting

This woman can get you one step closer to your favorite celebrity — sort of.

I'm a swim instructor — don't put your kids at risk with this deadly pool mistake

Nikki Scarnati is making a viral splash with her potentially lifesaving TikTok tip.

Viral video shows how to make luxury lipstick samples at home

Social media user who makes makeup repair videos show how 12 Tom Ford color packs can make 3 full lipsticks – but is it safe?

Influencer dies after binge drinking on livestream

"He didn't even get a chance for emergency treatment," a friend of the influencer told local outlet Shangyou News, which reported a funeral was held last week.