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I feed my dates $1 meals — romance doesn't have to be expensive

"Pretty sure she's gonna get a restraining order on me if I cook this s--t for her," one aghast TikTok user commented.

I proposed — our dog said 'yes' before my girlfriend could respond

Breeze, a Dalmatian, "jumped up as soon as he got down on one knee."

How to spy on your exes’ Instagram Stories without them knowing: ‘Addicted’

"Basically you view it as a ghost, they'll never know you watched it. They won't be able to trace you."

I worked in a prison with charming killers — how it ruined my love life

A social worker who spent 15 years performing mental health assessments at a maximum-security prison says sick inmates stopped her from dating.

'Horny' Mark Consuelos reveals kink he performs in bed with Kelly Ripa

Consuelos and Ripa have been married since 1996, and the passing years haven't dulled their sex life.

My boyfriend cheated on me with his mom: 'Mommy issues to a whole new level'

"Nothing could've prepared me for this," one person shared.

I dated men as a trans woman for 10 years — I detransitioned to find a wife

London has long been a controversial figure, garnering widespread criticism after he began publicly identifying as "transracial" in 2021, claiming he was Korean.

I'm a 'sugar baby' — older men pay me to travel the world

The social media marketing executive, who currently maintains a roster of 10 sugar daddies, feels more respected by them than any of her past relationships.

Why falling asleep 90 minutes before your partner can save your marriage

Sleep expert Sammy Margo said 90 minutes is the "optimal time" between jumping in to bed with your significant other.

I lost 238 pounds — but it ruined my sex life

A woman lost over 200 pounds after experiencing her "worst nightmare" at her largest -- but she claims the weight loss has ruined her sex life.

I 'married' the perfect man without 'baggage' — he's completely virtual

Those willing to drop $300 could have their own build-a-beau, just like Bronx mom Rosanna Ramos, Eren Kartal's "wife."

I'm a relationship expert — how to reveal your fetishes to your partner

"Whether your partner is on board or not, you will feel relieved that you shared what was on your mind, which is always a plus in a relationship," Jaime Bronstein...

Men are scared to talk to me — because I look like Kylie Jenner

She's revealing the ugly truth about being super hot.

I’m a ‘passport bro’: We want 'traditional' wives, not ‘mail order brides’

"A lot of women overseas are taught from a young age from their mothers and other members of their family how to treat a man and how to make their...

NYC man who shot pen-wielding mugger once railed to The Post about crime, now faces multiple gun charges

Charles Foehner, 65, who was hit with multiple gun charges in the fatal shooting of would-be mugger Cody Gonzalez in Queens, once complained to The Post about rampant crime in...

My girlfriend sleeps with other men but it’s not cheating — it was my idea

Matt, who declined to give his last name, spoke out about his frisky four-year relationship with ladylove Zoe in an interview for the YouTube series "Love Don't Judge."

Gen Z is having a sex recession — here are the depressing reasons why

They invented "bedrotting" -- but they're not doing much with their supine time.

Jana Hocking reveals the kind of man every woman must avoid: 'Hurt little boys'

There are fboys everywhere. And they are ridiculously good at passing as good guys during the initial chase.

Sleep survey reveals top things people’s partners do to ruin their sleep

A recent study of 2,000 U.S. adults who live with a partner discovered that, when it comes to being a considerate co-sleeper, some of your current bedtime rituals may need...

My wife cheated on me with my dad — now she's pregnant

"It’s sick — how could my father do that to me?” a distraught Declan wondered.