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Douglas Murray

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Douglas Murray is a Senior Fellow at National Review Institute

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DeSantis vs. Newsom would be a '24 battle of ideas — not a Biden-Trump clownshow

Ron DeSantis' announcement on Wednesday, added to Tim Scott's earlier in the week, means that the race is finally interesting.

Sorry, Harry and Meghan — the car-chase lies don't fly in NYC

The Sussex show has run out of gas and stalled, somewhere on the Upper East Side.

Liberal media circles wagons around Biden's corruption

This week Donald Trump lost a civil case against writer E Jean Carroll as a New York jury found that Trump had sexually abused and defamed the woman and ordered...

What happened to Jordan Neely is city's failure to police subways and treat mentally ill

Everybody who uses the subway knows that at any moment you are only a couple of beats away from things going south fast. That is why the rush to judgment...

What's she been smoking? The absurdity of gov banning cigarettes but legalizing pot

So sure, go ahead and try to make cigarettes illegal in New York, Gov Hochul. But it gives me the impression that you must be making policies while smoking something...

Randi Weingarten is the shame of the nation

In a piece in USA Today, Randi Weingarten dropped a piece headlined “MAGA Republicans are destroying our public schools. Teachers and parents must fight back.”

To those on the left and right, don't make leaker a hero — he's a traitor

Once again the rest of the world knows everything about America.  I just wish we knew how much they must be laughing at us.

'No tolerance for lawbreakers' — the lie of San Francisco and NYC

The family of Bob Lee know that, as surely as do the family of Sgt Correa. But that’s the way with these “progressive” DAs and their accomplices. They have an...

Defy the doom-mongers and believe in a better tomorrow for America and ourselves

It is not just our luxury, but our duty, to defy the doom-mongers and make it clear that tomorrow in America does not have to be worse, but can in...

Disaster when countries look to courts, not ballot box, for politics

Remember “Lock her up”? And the way in which people said that it was “incitement” against Hillary Clinton whenever Donald Trump’s supporters chanted that? Well it seems that for many...

Putting 'diversity' and 'equity' first nearly crashed the economy

Last time the global economy almost crashed was in part because of banks making loans to people on the basis — among other things — of their race. But a...

The Pentagon had a childish reaction to Russia intercepting a US drone

A different type of crash occurred over the Black Sea this week, with Russian military aircraft intercepting an American drone in international airspace.

The perilous path of Iraq & ruin

A teacher friend of mine has a useful exercise at the beginning of each year.

A university finally stands up to woke virtue signaling

Well we can expect year upon year of the July effect right through American life. From the education system on. This is what we should fear. And it is why...

Republicans need to stop deferring to Trump and get in the race

For the sake of the GOP the Republican contenders have to break their silence. They have to stop the omerta. It is time to come out, guys.

Past the crime and grime, there's still no place as wondrous as NYC

There’s just too much good stuff going on in this city to take it for granted.

'Best' way Ukraine War ends may be most dangerous

A swift crumpling of the Russian forces, let alone a rout, risks Putin doing something unspeakable. He has hinted at such things in calls with world leaders and everybody has...

Hotel debacle shows how US can't afford to absorb this many illegal immigrants

Democrats made New York a “sanctuary city.” Now they — and all of us — are living the results. And there’s much more to come.

The Mike Pompeo speech on China's influence on US universities that MIT killed

One of the biggest stories in Mike Pompeo's book has so far been overlooked.

San Francisco gallery owner shows how lawlessness brings merchants to a breaking point

Shannon Collier Gwin spraying a homeless person with a hose outside of his business proves that the more that law enforcement abandon a city the closer people come to a...